Semalt Hints: How To Scrape Web Pages

The chances are that you have found yourself in a similar situation where you have to wait for some pictures or files to be downloaded from a website, and it's taking too long. Majority of us do get irritated by such delays. So you ask, is it possible to download a whole web page and save it locally for instant access? Well, yes it's possible with the Surfoffline website downloader. What's even better is that you will have total access to every piece content from the website. Therefore, you will be able to export such files elsewhere by merely copy-pasting.

What does it do?

This tool works partially as a browser in that it accesses the web through an internet connection to get the content you require. The user is then free to select which websites to download as well as which type of content to be downloaded in each one of them. What's even more significant is that the program can simultaneously download up to 100 files. If that's not enough, you can create a project allowing you to schedule download for up to 400000 files.

Supported internet technologies

Due to the numerous available web-related technology and programming languages, it's almost impossible to use a single method to harvest all web pages. This too skips this huddle by integrating various technologies that will be able to deal with different web formats from HTTP to FTP internet protocols. It also allows downloading websites via the secure protocol HTTPS as well as supporting connections via proxy servers.

In case you are working on a website that requires HTTP or FTP authentication, you don't have to worry as the program supports these as well. It's important to note that JavaScript, Macromedia flash as well as CSS and CSS2 parsing is also supported

Why Surfoffline website downloader?

The program comes with a built-in browser; this will allow you to preview the site you intend to work on as well as quickly identify the various types of files you want to download in case you don't want to download the whole site.

The website ripper ability will allow you to filter out content as per your needs as well as specifying whether to download from linked sites as well.

The built-in web server will allow you to share downloaded files and web pages with other computers as well as working remotely as you can easily access the data from another computer.

It would be a rather useless task to download web page online only to end up with unorganized content. This is why the Surfoffline website downloader includes a files export wizard. This will allow you to specify the exact location in which the downloaded files will be saved locally. The tool goes a step further and prepares the data for writing onto removable media.

If you are interested in creating CHM files (Microsoft Windows help format), the tool will automatically export entire sites with their downloaded data into a single CHM file which is easily distributed. This can also be done if you require MHT files which are more convenient for small web pages.